Q:What is Kura Kura Beer?

Kura Kura is and independently owned craft brewery for modern craft beer drinkers. Our beer is brewed fresh each time with tasty profile of flavor. It's the new wave of Balinese beer.

Q:When did Kura Kura launch?

In mid-2020, when the whole world was paused because of the global pandemic, we decided to launch the brand that we've been working so hard on into the market without having much expectations. To our own surprise, we gained such positive reception and the endless supports from our friends & family brought us to where we are today.

Q:What does ‘Kura Kura’ mean?

The name Kura Kura—meaning 'turtle' in Bahasa Indonesia, was inspired by old Balinese folklore where it was believed the Island of Bali lay on top of a turtle’s back. This tale has imprinted in modern Balinese life, with the turtle a symbolic representation of Balinese culture which is the foundation of the Island and a constant balance of energy.

Q:Are you sure it’s 100% Balinese product?

Our founder Putu is half Balinese and half Irish, but he's a true Balinese at heart! His dad, Kadek, is a well-known figure in Bali's hospitality and tourism industry for establishing some of Bali's most iconic venues over the past two decades. Both of them are passionate about beer and they came together to create Kura Kura Beer. It is for sure a Balinese-owned company.


Q:Where is Kura Kura made in?

We're proudly brewed in Bali. Our brewery is up in Plaga, Auman village, where we get the best source of spring water to produce our beer! Good water makes up most of what good beer is.

Q:Are Kura Kura Beer allergen free, gluten-free and vegan?

Yes, no and yes. To explain our no answer it's because, well—most beer contains gluten, as it's traditionally brewed using gluten-containing grains. We'd highly recommend you to avoid consuming gluten if you do have the intolerance, or at least consult with your doctor first!

Q:What are the flavours?

So the yellow can or we call it 'Island Ale' is the superstar of Kura Kura Beer. It is a pale ale style with an island twist. The color is inspired by the sunset we often see in Bali. The blue can, or named 'Lager' is our German pilsner style beer. It goes down so smooth with less IBU than Island Ale. The color is inspired by the ocean.

Q:How does it taste?

For the flavor, all our beers are carefully crafted with fine tuned recipe. Island Ale has a strong passion fruit, pineapple and mango aroma from the hops, and has quite a full-bodied mouthfeel whereas the Lager has hints of bread and honey aftertase. Both are perfect for Bali or to remind people what relaxing in Bali feels like.

Q:Why must be kept cold?

The simplest way to keep our products free from additives and preservatives is by keeping it within 3-5 degree celsius at all times, and that maintains the freshness and shelf live of Kura Kura Beer.